Carl Kuster Mountain Park


1. Booking Policy

Once a booking is made at CKMP, significant expenses and long-term commitments are incurred on your behalf. It is essential that each guest familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions below and the information on our website.  By submitting a registration form, deposit, or payment, you agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions below


All CKMP packages are booked online. Your booking is not confirmed until a completed registration form, waiver, and a payment are received from each guest. Fully refundable deposits will be accepted to hold spots until August 31. On or before September 1, you have the choice to pay the remaining balance or have your deposit refunded. All money owing must be paid by September 1. If you book after September 1st, payment in full is required to secure your spot. 

All payments are processed in Canadian dollars (CAD). CKMP accepts Mastercard, Visa & American Express, bank transfers, checks, and Interact email money transfer (Interact transfers are only available for Canadian guests and are limited to $3000 CAD per transaction). Taxes will be applied to each booking and is not included in any listed package prices.

To make any payments please call 250.836.3401 or email


$295 + tax  per person/per trip

The stipulations are as follows….

All money paid is fully refundable if you cancel the trip 1  1/2 months prior to your arrival date. 

If the cancellation falls within 1 month from arrival, half the money will be returned, and the other half will be held in your name for a future booking.

If the cancellation falls within 2 week from arrival, all the money will be held in your name for a future booking.


We understand that occasionally things come up that prevent our guests from joining us. Therefore please pay careful attention to the CKMP cancellation policy.

NOTE: We strongly encourage you to purchase trip cancellation insurance that will cover circumstances that would necessitate you having to cancel your trip with us.

  •  Prior to 90 days from your trip start date, a full refund less non refundable deposit.
  •  90-30 days from you trip start date, 50% is refunded less non-refundable deposit
  •  Less than 30 days from your trip start date, no refund & 25% of your trip value allocated to a future trip OR 100% transferable to another individual for the current booked trip dates.

All packages start and finish on the specified dates and have been offered as a complete package. There are no refunds, partial or full for any of the following reasons:

Late arrival or early departure for any reason, sickness or injury, or lack of rider ability or fitness.

Cancellations must be made in writing and received by email.  Time of cancellation is established at the time of email response from CKMP back to guest.  It is the guest’s responsibility to follow up via phone call to ensure email has been received by CKMP, if no response has been received after 36 hours.

If a Guest cancels their trip prior to commencement, then their package is transferable to a new Guest for the exact dates and duration.  If the Guest is unable to find a replacement, CKMP will attempt to resell the package on the Guests behalf, in accordance with the following terms:

    • CKMP will try to resell the package for full price.
    • A refund will only be granted if the package is successfully resold.
    • If CKMP is unsuccessful in reselling the package, no refund will be given


Guests are responsible for familiarizing themselves with CKMP Terms and Conditions before booking their package. It is also the guests’ responsibility to fully understand their package – what is included, and what is not included.

For guests travelling from outside Canada a Valid Passport and/or Travel Visa is required to enter Canada.  Refunds will not be given to guests that are denied admission into Canada.

Guests are responsible for being on time and prepared to snowmobile / dirtbike on their specified trip day(s).  Arriving late or ill equipped may result in a guest missing their riding day(s) in part or in whole.  Refunds will not be given to guests that arrive late or are ill equipped.

Trip Cancellation Insurance is strongly recommended to guests for any unforeseen circumstances that may interrupt or cancel their snowmobile / dirt bike trip. Refer to the Trip Cancellation Insurance section. 

Guest Photo Release

The guest gives permission to Carl Kuster Mountain Park to use photos of themselves (or likeness thereof) for Marketing and Promotional use. 


CKMP recommends that all guests have some type of mechanized sport experience. Previous mountain snowmobiling experience or off road dirt bike experience is not mandatory.  Snowmobiling/Dirt Biking are demanding physical activities and it is recommended that guests assess their own fitness level well in advance and prepare themselves accordingly.  Refunds will not be given to guests that are unable to competently snowmobile/dirt bike due to lack of physical fitness.   While we try our best to group snowmobilers/dirt bikers by ability level, this is based on each individual’s perception of their own abilities.  Until we have ridden with each guest, it is impossible to assess a guest’s true ability.  While we can accommodate a variety of skills and abilities, we put guests in groups of 12 max to ensure that everyone rides at the same level as we ride with a 1 Guide to 6 Guest ratio.

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact CKMP. 

Minor Guest Policy

At Carl Kuster Mountain Park we welcome any guests under the age of 19, as snowmobiling/dirt biking should be enjoyed by all ages.  If any guest under the age of 19 wish to join us, there are a few guidelines that must be followed: 

  • Minor guests are only allowed if they are booked with one parent or legal guardian accompanying them throughout the day.  
  • The minor must be 16 years old or older when snowmobiling/dirt biking and have the physical ability to do these activities.  Please see ABILITY section for further information.
  • Two legal documents must be signed on site, prior to going snowmobiling/dirt biking.  One liability waiver signed by the legal guardian + minor and a second machine rental agreement signed by legal guardian + minor.
  • Only the parent or legal guardian can accompany the minor throughout the day and sign the waiver on behalf of the minor guest.  This responsibility cannot be shared, nor can a different guardian be appointed for the day.
  • If the legal guardian needs to stop snowmobiling/dirt biking at any time of the day due to fitness, equipment failure, or ability, the minor guest cannot continue snowmobiling/dirt biking.  The legal guardian needs to be in the field with the minor at all times.