Carl Kuster Mountain Park



CKMP’s 4800 sq. ft. shop is equipped with a stall for every guest to hang their gear & also features a 40 piece forced air drying rack for your boots and gloves. Our shop is lined with the latest in ski-doo technology, with a new fleet of snowmobiles each season!


Each year we get a shipment of the latest in Ski-Doo technology. The mountains here are big, so we only ride big mountain sleds.

We have a brand new fleet of 2023 Ski-Doo Summit X Expert 165’s & 850 E-Tec TURBOS for you to ride during your trip.


We stock a wide range of gear and merchandise in the CKMP Shop Store for any missing items when you arrive.
We also have a small selection of rental Ski-Doo helmets, boots, pants & jackets.
*Inquire in advance for rental gear sizing & availability