Carl Kuster Mountain Park

Ryen Dunford- Photographer for CKMP

Above: Carl at Frisby Ridge Nov 16th, 2016

This year we have a special treat for our guests! Book here and want some memorable photos of your day? Grab our friend Ryen Dunford and take him with you for the day! We’ve asked him some questions to help you get to know him, get ahold of us through the contact form or call to make sure he can make it out with you.

What is your favorite type of shot to take?

My favorite type of shot is finding that moment that the rider busts a deep pow turn and snow explodes! For me its timeless and any rider of any level of ability is able to achieve it.

What is the most memorable day you’ve spent shooting?

Everyday I’m out on my sled with my cameras is memorable in its own way. Everyday is different, every rider I shoot is different. To choose one over the other would be a new impossible task for me.

Most high profile shot in a magazine and what athlete?

I recently got a shot of Zac Parks on the cover of Mtn Sledder.

Your favorite time of day to shoot?

In the morning when the snow is fresh, dry, cold, deep and unsettled.

Below: Other examples of Ryen’s work. Athletes: Denver Debes, Brodie Evans and Tyler Riddell