Carl Kuster Mountain Park

CKMP Hosts Exclusive 2017 Beta Ride for Dealers

This year’s summer has been a doozy.  Usually we try to take the summer off and wakesurf, dirtbike for fun, maybe do a couple races and take Carver out for some vacations, perhaps take the sport bikes for a rip somewhere.  Instead, we wanted to start developing our new trails.  What most maybe haven’t seen is that we have access to over 300 acres of territory in the depths of BC.  When you leave that shop to explore the rest of the property, you find a trail system we have started building mostly by hand, and a large endurocross track that Redbull and Monster Energy would probably drool over.  We’re talkin big hillclimbs through loamy soil in the thick bush and tight switchbacks that’ll make anyone hit the brake looking over the bank.  We’re talkin logs you can’t comfortably hop over on foot, some obstacles you haven’t seen before, and a nice sandy fast track beside the water of the Eagle River.

When Beta got wind of our new developments they had already planned a trip out west after importing the brand new line of Betas for 2017.  Stephen Howland booked our lodge for a group of his dealers from Canada.  We grabbed a bunch of our best riders who also happen to be friends and employees, to take these machines for a test on the new terrain and obstacles we developed with our blood, sweat, and tears.  This list of elite athletes we put together turned out for a great riding group!

Greg Ryan- CKMP Guide

Jason Ribi- CKMP Guide

Cody Borchers- Riderz snowmobile athlete

Reagan Sieg- Timbersled athlete and FMX rider

Steve Foord- Beta athlete and endurocross rider

Sam King- Beta athlete and endurocross rider, trials expert

Carl Kuster- Youth National MX Champion/Snocross Professional/Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert

Andrew MacDonald- 2016 Arenacross Champion

Day one consisted of two groups heading out, one to the new trails, and one to the new enduro track.  We switched areas halfway through the ride and everyone tried out the whole line of bikes, exchanging along the way.  We hosted a great dinner with our excellent red seal chef, Andrew Macdonald, also one of the riders.  The next day we headed out for an alpine trail ride, leaving right from our lodge and shop area.  Everyone had a lunch packed by Drew, and we stopped at the cabin for a bite.

We were honored to be chosen for this ride and happy to put the new Betas to the test.  Do you have a moto event you might like to host next year?  Call us up and let’s see what we can do for you.