Carl Kuster Mountain Park

CKMP Guide Feature: Jason Ribi

How long have you been riding? I started sledding when I was 18 or 19, with main intent being access to bigger better terrain to snowboard. Like many people I know it didn’t take long to realize sleds are where it’s at, and endless mountains at my door step would be my new home!! Twelve ish years later I’m living the life that once was only a dream!!

Favorite Mountain Range (any sport) Fav mountain range… Oh man, I was just there the other day, it’s right on the tip of my tongue….. No but seriously, sweet ditch riding and a freshly snowed parking lot is hard to beat!! Lol

What is something else you’re good at that contributes to your riding? Three years ago (wish it was I started cross country/hairscramble racing dirtbikes. Now I spend my spring,summer and fall prepping and training for the next race or scoping out another big mountain ride. Dirtbikes are amazing, I always have to laugh at where you can get those things, sometimes even at three in the morning trying to get home… Haha

What do you ride? I ride a pretty well stock 2016 summit X163. A few little changes here and there but nothing crazy, they work so well out of the box that why really bother!! Just ride!!

Photos by Rob Alford